3D Printed Ivy Killer

A way to get rid of ivy for ever
My 3D printed Ivy killer inserted into ivy stem

Ivy killer inserted into ivy stem

For the past 15 years I’ve been fighting a battle against the ivy which grows on building and trees around my property. It seems to re-grow almost fast as I can cut it back.

My solution to the problem

After getting a 3D printer, and having printed the standard bits and pieces I was looking for some practical applications.

This was one of my first designs, using SketchUp, I came up with this Ivy Killer. The principle is to inject/feed a ‘poisonous’ substance on a continuous basis into the plant. The goal being to completely destroy the plant down to the roots. So that it never grows back!

Design & Printing the Ivy Killer

Designing and printing the components

SketchUp Model

A very simple design consisting of a ‘syringe’ style body with a push on cap.

Ivy killer sketchup model

Ivy killer sketchup model

3d Printing

The print takes about an hour and a half, use a brim to stop it falling over.

I’ve used ABS and PLA for these, ABS is more difficult to print but is more durable.

The design can be found on here on Thingiverse

Printing the ivy killer design on my CR10S

Printing the ivy killer design on my CR10S

Finished 3D print of Ivy killing design

Finished Components

Assembled 3D printed Ivy killing design

Assembled Print

Start Killing Ivy

Putting the ivy killer into service

Making the saline/vinegar solution

To prepare a concentrated saline solution, add 200g of salt to 500ml of boiling water and boil continuously for 10 mins. Once cool, pour into a storage jar (I use an old coffee jar) and add 100 ml of white vinegar.


With a pair of secateurs, cut the plant as low down as possible. Drill a 4mm diameter vertical hole 6-8mm deep and insert the ivy killer.

Hole drilled in ivy stem ready for 3D printed Ivy killer

Prepare the ivy

Fill with the pre prepared concentrated saline/vinegar solution and push the cap on.

It may be necessary to refill after a week, I find that refilling once is usually enough to do the job. Leave the 3D printed ivy killer in place for about 2 weeks, best period is during the summer months when the plant is most active.

3D printed Ivy killer inserted into ivy stem

Ivy killer inserted into ivy stem

I’ve been using this 3D printed ivy killer for the past 6 months. A very simple design which takes about an hour and a half to print, and is very effective in the control of invasive plants like ivy.

A very easy and permanent way to get rid of unwanted plant growth

Alternative Use

Tree saplings

Self seeded tree saplings

My neighbour has a mature ash tree which drops its seeds over my property. The saplings pop up everywhere, they grow really quickly and are hard to pull up without digging.

Now I use the ivy killer and it works really well.

Hole drilled in ash tree sapling ready for 3D printed Ivy killer

Ash sapling

My 3D printed Ivy killer in an ash tree sapling

Ivy killer in an ash sapling